What do we do

                                      What will York Cryogenics do  to your parts?

Our deep cryogenic processor is carefully loaded with parts, making sure that each customer’s parts are identified and kept separate throughout the process. We use dry nitrogen gas evaporated from liquid nitrogen to lower the load temperature at a rate of 1º F.  per minute to -300ºF. then, after two hours, flood the load with liquid nitrogen at -320ºF.

We keep the entire load immersed for at least 24 hours to complete the metallurgical process, and then allow the temperature of the load to rise at a rate of 2/10 degree F. per minute until it reaches room temperature. The long, slow warm-up is to avoid  creating any new stresses. Finally, ferrous steel parts are properly tempered to stabilize the fresh martensite that was created during the  cryogenic process.

Once tempered, they and any non-ferrous and plastic  parts are ready to be returned to you. Total cycle time of the process is  approximately 5 days, with an average of 7 days  turnaround.