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                                                "Cryorizing” firearms has several desirable attributes.

First, ACCURACY! A research group working with a manufacturer of barrels for the US Olympic shooting team back in the ‘80’s successfully developed a superbly accurate rifle. It was produced by performing a specially developed cryogenic recipe. They tested several barrels by manufacturing them from the same bar of material and under the exact same conditions. The cryogenically processed barrels showed remarkably tighter shot groups. Under metallurgical examination, there was no doubt that the stress patterns visible in the untreated barrels were no longer present in the treated barrels.


What cryogenics does is stress relieve and smooth the bore of the barrel. It stabilizes the barrel and thereby eliminates the walking or wandering in a shot group. Stress in untreated barrels normally reacts to the heat from burning gunpowder during or after each shot being fired. The heat causes the strongest stress to pull and tug at the weaker points of the stress risers and cause inaccuracy and unpredictability. Cryogenics stabilizes and smooths shotgun barrels, thereby improving shot patterns, especially noticeable in trap and skeet guns.

There have been reports, but no confirmed research, that cryogenically treating bullets further improve accuracy.

Second, LIFE EXPECTANCY! Because of the realignment of molecules to densify and reorganize the grain structure, the surface of the metal becomes smoother. The peaks and valleys tend to flatten out after cryogenic treatment. This has nothing to do with martensitic transformation, which is the major contribution to wear resistance increases in ferrous tooling.

This smoothing reduces wear and increases projectile speed, helping produce a straighter shot. Another side benefit from this smoother bore is that it makes the cleaning of a barrel much easier.

Lastly,SMOOTHER ACTION The trigger or firing mechanism of a weapon gains wear resistance through cryogenic treatment. Many have also reported that their weapons have a smoother, silkier trigger squeeze after treatment. This is most likely being brought about by the smoothing of the surfaces of the sears and pins.

Aluminum arrow shafts tend to fly truer once the stress is removed and arrow points can be sharpened to a keener edge.


Knives, too, are a prime application for cryogenic processing. Some of the results are spectacular. The improvements cause keener cutting edges, improved surface finish, improved blade strength and reduced chipping. It also reduces material loss since sharpening isn’t as frequent or deep. Buck™ knives are cryogenically treated.


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